What are Transgender? Why they are Totally Different from Cross-dressers?

Transgender, transsexuals and crossdressers are not the same terms and each term has its own usual meaning. Mostly people are confused about transgender and cross-dressers. They think that both cross dressers and transgender are same but it’s not the fact. Both are totally different from each other. The only similarity between the two is about their dressing style and sense.

In this article, you know exactly what are Transgender, Transsexuals and Crossdressers. Why people get so confused between Transgender and cross-dresser? There are many reasons that people get confused and think that both are same. In fact, in many cases both Transgender and cross-dressers are pronounced and treated with the same say. Let’s discuss more about these transsexuals, Transgender and cross dressers.

Who are Cross Dressers? Why they are totally different from Transgender? What are the similarity between cross dresser and a Transgender?

Cross dressers are much more related to cis genders. It means when they are not playing a role of cross dresser, they are cis genders and living a normal life like other cis genders. There is nothing like a wrong co-ordination between mind and body in case of cross dressers. Sometimes cross dressers wears dressed up like an opposite sex for some play or also to spice up their sexual relationship with their partner. There is no particular reason behind wearing the outfits of their opposite sex and behave like that. They only want to enjoy or have fun for few times.

Cross dressers are totally different from Transgender. Transgender grows up with the mentality that they are in different body and their mind doesn’t accept their current body. Transgender believe that their mind and body are opposing each other and didn’t accept the way they are. Transgender usually dressed up like an opposite sex most of the time, in fact all the time but cross dressers wears the outfit of opposite sex occasionally and not in regular bases.

The only similarity between cross dresser and Transgender are – when cross dresser are not a cis gender and they behave like a cross dresser, both Transgender and cross dresser looks and behave exactly the same as opposite sex did. That’s the only single similarity between cross dresser and Transgender hookup.
What are Transsexuals?

Transsexuals are totally different from both cross dresser and Transgender. Transsexuals are those who decided to change their sex via surgery and turned themselves into a different or opposite sex. For example – a person is born as a male and in a male body but later that person converted himself into a female body by surgery and now considered as a female. These female transsexuals are also known as Shemale or Ladyboy.

Similarly, if a female goes under a surgery to change her sex or gender to opposite sex is known as male transsexual.

There are many more common things between transsexuals and transgender. This article is all about to know the exact difference between transsexuals, transgender and cross dressers.