Things about Gender Identity and Transition

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Now, maybe many people know the existence of transgender people, but few people will know some specific information about it, such as gender identity and transition. If you are a trans, this information may be helpful for your development and decision-making. If you are a TS hookup finder, the knowledge of this information will be of great significance for you to find a hookup partner and maintain a romantic relationship. Even if you don’t know, it doesn’t matter, because the following article will give you a deep and comprehensive understanding of gender identity and transition.

  1. How to determine your gender identity and if you are a trans?

In fact, many people are not really sure if they are transgender. In general, there are two reasons for this. The first is that they can’t really determine their gender identity. The second is that they don’t know how to define a ts person. If you have a lot of doubts about this, you can find the answer in the following.

Assigned sex refers to a person’s gender at birth, while gender identity refers to a person’s internal understanding of his gender. That is to say, when you are born, you are defined as male because you have male reproductive organs. But as you get older, you get a sense of your real gender. You think you don’t seem to agree with other people’s definition of your gender. You will be interested in women’s belongings and have a strong desire to be a woman. If the idea exists only for a short period of time, such as adolescence, it is a normal cognitive bias. But if this view persists, it means that your gender identity is really different from your assigned sex. If so, you are likely to be trans, because the definition of transgender is that there is a discrepancy between the gender identity and the sex at birth. Find the best free hookup apps.

  1. How to Transition and if you must transition?

When a person is identified as transgender, he will face transition. At this time, many people have a doubt about how to make the transition and whether it is necessary. As far as the second question is concerned, my answer is No. Every ts person’s perception of their assigned sex is inconsistent. When they show extreme discomfort with it, they transition. If not, there is no need for then to do so. Moreover, according to the different ideas of each person and the restrictions of their own economic conditions, the transition methods and order adopted by each person are also different.

In general, the transition includes the following three stages. First of all, it is the external transition that many transgender people will try, for example, through clothing, hair style, name changing and behavior habits. This is a transition method with the lowest cost. The second is hormone therapy. Compared with the former method, this stage is relatively expensive. By injecting corresponding hormones, people have secondary sexual characteristics, such as chest and laryngeal node. But their original reproductive organs will still be preserved. The last method is sex change surgery, which can remove the original reproductive organs and implant a new one to make an individual completely a man or a woman. This is also the most expensive method. Therefore, only a small number of transgender people will have sex change surgery.