The Scammers I Met in Dating Apps

After graduation, my mother is so worried about me because she thought I might never have chance to get married and she asked many aunts to introduce nice boys to me. I was not comfortablt for what she did althougth I knew she did this just for me. I thougth I should find the person I love rather than she prefered. So I asked friends for help and they gave me advice that I could know new friends in some BBW dating apps. I thought it was not a bad choice. But I didn’t know which one was the best for me so I downloaded one famous curvy dating app in the market. But I met two scammers. I didn’t mean this hookup app was terrible because I might also meet scammers in real life. I just wanted to share the experience and hope people can learn some thing from it.

Let’s talk about the first scammers I met. After using this app, I received some messages and I chose someone to chat with. One of the boys was really good. I looked at his profile and he was clean and handsome. And then he was also tall. He wrote on his homepage that he was a lawyer .I’d always wanted to study law. Although this was not my major in University, I was very interested in it. So I talked to him. How to say, I felt very happy. What he said was not uncomfortable and he was humorous. Because it was really the first time to use this chatting app, I thought I was lucky to find such a good man.

And he asked me out. Before the due day, he asked me if I minded there was someone else for the date. I didn’t understand what he meant and he explained he had another friend who wanted to join us in the first hookup. I was shocked because I never thought he would say such a question. He continued to say that he would like to go to the hotel with me. Of course, his friend would go with us. At that time, I really wanted to say dirty words. And with no doubt, I deleted him, a bad scammer.

The second person was a beer salesman. He sent me message and also sent his photo and asked if he was the type I preferred. I should say he was handsome so I kept chatting with him for about a week. Then he asked me to meet at a bar. Because of the unpleasant experience I had before, I took my friend with me. He ordered a lot of wine and I said I wasn’t good at drinking. So we started talking about common topics. Then, he went to the bathroom. At this time, the barman came and asked me to pay. I looked at the price, more than 300 dollars. Then I asked where my partner was. The waiter told me that the boy worked with the bar and sold beer with commission. I stood still. I couldn’t help but pay for my stupidity.

There are my stupid experience for meeting online partners and hope you will learn something from them.

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