Practical Passing Tips for MTF Transgender

If you are a MTF transgender, how to look passable? You don’t want to look like a man while you portray yourself as woman. Here we are offering you some tips and advice on how to look passable.

First, maintain your nail. Some people have more manly hands, while some have more natural slim and thin hands. No matter what kinds of hand you have, you need to maintain your hands. Go to a nail store and get your nails done. Remove your cuticles. Get your hands cleaned up and painted. This is a regular thing which you need to do in a certain period of time. If you do have a very manly hands, you’d better attach extra attention to them and make them as feminine as possible.

Second, grow your hair out. If you want to have a very feminine figure, you should grow your hair out. As many as cisgender women have short hair, but due to biological difference, us transgender women will look much more manly than cisgender women who likewise have short hair. You can get some hair extensions. Try on some wigs. Long hair definitely screams femininity. If you want your hair to grow fast, add some growth-promoting pills in your shampoo conditioner. The growth speed of your hair will at least double. Get a trans date with your pretty hair.

Third, tuck your boy parts. Female clothing usually is much tighter than male’s. Everyone knows that penis will make you look bulgy. This is an absolute give-away if you don’t do it. You will get clocked and even violated by some transgender haters. Besides, it will look much more coordinating if you have a smooth and flat body, especially when you wear tight dresses, shorts pr tight pant. Penis is really a great buzz-kill for transgender women. So tuck it.

Forth, watch out your body language. You can tell a person’s characteristics from its’ body language. You can also definitely tell its’ gender from body language. If you are a transgender woman, you need to practice a feminine body language, including sitting posture, standing posture, eating, talking, walking and so on. Keep your back straight when sitting. Try to walk a straight line and correct your hunchback. Keep your head up and shoulder back. Cross legs when sitting. If you don’t know what body language you need to correct, just obvious women and think about what is the difference between you and them. If you think that body language is very elegant and feminine, study it. It is very simple and easy. Just take extra attention to it. You will get there.

The last tip is makeup. Do not wear massive eyeshadows, very bright and extraordinary lipsticks, and rich blusher. You need to keep it as natural as possible. Makeup is very important. Therefore, do wear a makeup. It can change the way a person perceives you and also it can hide your disadvantages, like many face feature and rough skin. It can add your femininity. Download some trans app to find your hookup date.

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