It was supposed to be just one night hookup…

I don’t know if you had such experience in your life or not. You met a guy in somewhere and you really hit it off. You are both looking for one night hookup and you spent a wonderful night together. However, that night changed your mind. You found yourself fall for him a lot. The next morning, you wake up beside him, looking at his face and wondering how are you going to do to turn this tinder hookup into a relationship. Does he feels the same? Probably not, because you agreed it is going to be just one night. What are you going to do? If it were you, how are you going to do? Walk away or find a way to get into his heart. This is how I do it.

As a quite independent person, I learned when I was very little that if I want something, I am going to get it myself and I will get it. So I never hesitated about whether to keep him or not because I already have the answer in my mind.

He and I met on hookup apps. I know it is pretty the opposite of romantic, but in my view, it doesn’t matter how we met. It only matters that we are in love with each other now. I wrote this in my profile “looking for a cute guy who is DTF. Just one night hookup will be enough. Not into serious relationships”. It was pretty clear that I don’t want relationships, because at that time, I just got out of a serious relationship of two years. The last thing I wanted was to get into another one. He wrote this in his profile “Desperate in need of getting laid with a lady. Anyone who is interested just contact me. Let’s do it tomorrow”. We were both so blunt. So when we were matched, it didn’t take a few words to establish that we are going to meet at a hotel the next day.

Before getting naked with each other, I proposed that we should grab a dinner together at least. He agreed. We went to a restaurant and had a nice dinner. During that dinner, we talked a lot, surprisingly nothing about the thing we are going to do later. We talked about our career, our perspective of relationships and marriage, etc. Neither of us was in a rush to get into bed with each other. After spending about 2 hours in the restaurant, we went to the hotel and did it. It was amazing. We didn’t have to reach some agreement and it was just perfect. That was the best one night hookup I ever had consider I had them a lot in the past.

That night, we lied in bed and had another long conversation. It was like we knew each other for a long time. We were just so great with each other. Everything feels so right, so I made up my mind that night that I was going to keep him.