Four Stages of Friends with Benefits Dating – Part 2

The #2 stage of friends with benefits: Comfortable

The comfortable stage is when everything looks perfect between two parties. The stage of drama funny stage has passed, you and your adult friends have fallen into the routine. You know this deal is with her, she knows how to deal with you, your expectations are more or less in line with each other, and you all have a great or at least good time together in this tinder free hookup. The comfortable stage is a stage where every man wants this fwb dating to stay together forever. If only he could freeze them at a low temperature during this comfortable stage, or just give these casual hookup relationships some drinks to the fountain of youth. Everything will be perfect.

During the comfortable stage, your friend finder will come to visit you, and you two will chat for a while, and then go to bed for tinder hookup. If you handle it well, she may bring some food to visit you. If you want her to leave, she will leave shortly after tinder free hookup. You really like her and treat her like a friend who you hook up together. Most importantly, she accepted this fact completely and unambiguously and remained calm about it. As your hookup partner, she is never noticeable. She is always happy to see you. She will come over and provide you with any tinder hookups you want.

Everything is so calm and relaxing. Why can’t women always be like this? Unfortunately, this fwb dating relationship fully meets the needs of most men. But they cannot fully meet the needs of their female adult friend finders. Therefore, although she did enjoy it for a while, the women’s feelings were a solemn and impermanent thing. Moreover, just like the sea, the tide will change at a certain moment, at the beginning it is calm water, and then it becomes surging.

The #3 stage of friends with benefits: Longing

This longing stage is your first sign that you are starting to get your romantic and peaceful paradise and this naked beauty with unlimited sexual contact, without concessions or promises, part of you will not be too long. During this stage, you start to notice changes in your friends with benefits.

Sometimes she will be sweeter, more easygoing, or even better than usual. You want to know what happened. You haven’t come up with a more serious relationship with the current setting so far, but maybe if she lets herself become a better date, you will realize that she is a great girlfriend and put her in this role, not just the friends with benefits. Although the increase in sweetness does not always happen, the subsequent decrease in sweetness will happen. When this happens, she becomes less calm, less easygoing, and harder to access than before. She slowly and surely withdrew from the casual dating relationship. But when you ask her if everything is ok, she will tell you that everything is ok. If she is bold enough, she will let you know that she wants something more serious.

The problem here is the inherently restless nature of women. And men will find relationship settings, make him happy, find it, enjoy it, no longer worry, women will find a relationship setting, make her happy, find it, enjoy it, and then want something completely different. A fwb dating relationship, the stable, the smallest, the same thing is absolutely opposite. Its purpose is to provide as much as possible the secret benefits of a sexual relationship, and at the same time provide as little as possible the harm of a loyal romantic relationship.

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