Does It Work to Fine Overweight People?

Obesity is an increasingly serious health problem, with one in four adults and one in seven children classed as obses in most countries. The reason most people are overweight is that they eat too much and don’t take exercise. Living in a rapidly developing society, fast food tend to be the best choice for most people, due to its convenience and quickness. People completely ignore its high calorie and become fatter and fatter. In order to control weight and have a healthy life style, dose it work to fine overweight people?

Some states in the US start to fine overweight people who don’t want to exercise or change their eating habits to loss weight. $50 is a big fortune for poor citizens and they can’t pay for the fine. So. Americans who don’t following the doctor and control their weight might be fined for $50. Why the government fine  BBW?

The main reason is that the cost of medical care for overweight people is over the budget, and it can cause serious financial problem. In order to resore financial budget and help citzens with low income, the government decided to fine all overweight people, especially someone with unhealthy eating habits. Overweight kids and obesity due to medicine are not included, but smokers and diabetics are also included. This decision is controversial. On the one hand, families with kids are often with great economic pressure, so they don’t need to pay for the fine, but on the other hand, the government policy is equally applicable to all the citizens, no matter rich or poor, all BBW should be fined. So far, the government didn’t find out a right solution.

Due to the financial crisis of medical care in the US, the government believes this is the best way to help citizens to loss weight and have a healthy life style. Nobody wants to pay for the fine no matter rich or poor, because it’s shameful for most people. Does it really work? Arizona is the second state that has the highest proportion of money spend in medical care, and it’s the first state to discuss this problem publicly. The Arizona government is now working at creating new policies of fine. It seems like the US government is finding new ways of making money and restore the medical financial budget.

There are still many ways to solve this problem. The govenment can provides public sports facilities to help plus sized people loss weight, and provides poor and overweight citizens with more work opportunities to help them improve their living condition. Reducing the unemployment, putting them into work and having exercises are efficient ways of lossing weight.

Some experts say, $50 can never change one’s eating and living style, it’s not the beat way to help people loss weight. Doctors should lay emphasis on this problem, give them the right advice and help them loss weight in a healthy way, because most people believe what their doctor says. Fine can not solve the problem fundamentally.