CougarD-the Top 1 Online Dating App

CougarD is a newly launched online hookup app, which is specially designed for older women and younger men and for them to meet each other. Not long after its’ release, it has caught the attention of the public by connecting thousands and millions of cougars and cubs together, many of whom have fallen in love with each other. It is a perfect explanatory of the saying “There’s no limit in love no matter gender or age or any other factors”.

CougarD has attracted a huge amount of people becoming its’ faithful users. Here are some tips to get you start.

Create a profile with pretty photos of yourself. Appearance may doesn’t represent everything, but it is definitely the stepping stone to find a relationship. Please be aware that excessive nudity pictures will not be permitted by CougarD.

After done creating your profile, the first thing you should do is go to “QuickMatch” and get the adventure starts. You can view cougars or cubs in “QuickMatch” according to your interest which is set in the first beginning. By swiping right or left to choose the person you like or otherwise pass them to continue. It is suggested that you should swipe left more to get more opportunity. You’ll never know unless you give it a try, right? If the person you “liked” likes you back, congratulations, you are matched. You will be free to contact each other. When the right time comes, asking her/him out for a date. Your cougar dating relationship may starts from then.

If you can’t remember which one send you message or you send out, go to “Message” to remind yourself. You can pick up the left or move on to the next one. Taking more initaitives will raise your chances to find the dream lover.

“Moments” is designed for you to show the best of you and get some exposure. Upload the sexiest pictures or videos. There’s huge possibility that you may find your love in the comment area. On the other hand, you can also go to “Moments” to hunt. It’s the place where you can observe the personalities of the strangers, also the nearest place to get to know others. It’s like a facebook page where you can see what’s new with others. Check out “Moments” if you don’t feel like swiping right or left in “QuickMatch”. It’s also a good way to find him/her.

There are many more advanced functions waiting for you to explore. If you are still not satisfied with our service, you are very welcomed to bring it up. We would be very delighted to make amends. “Settings” is where you can find us. In “Settings”, you can also set the basic functions to make your hunting easier for you to use.

We have VIP membership for users who is in search for superior experience with a favorable price: 1Month-$29.99/Month, 3 Months-$28.33/Month, 6 Months-$23.33/Month. With VIP membership, you are allowed to send anyone messages even if he/she left-slided you. Your profile picture will be marked with a golden “V” emblem, which enables you to stand out from standard members. You could search your cougars or cubs by the location, body type, ethnicity and so many other options available with just a “V” emblem. There are so many other advanced functions waiting for you to explore. Just get on board and start hunting.

6 Best Places to Pick Up a Cougar

Nowadays, increasingly young men have special preference for cougars, while a lot less of them get the chance to really hookup one. Many would wonder, how can I meet a cougar in daily life? Where do cougars usually go? CougarD team has listed top 6 places for you to pick up a cougar for you. Go out now and get your hunting journey started.

Top 1 Dance Club
Cougars love to dance, especially disco. It would be a great idea to go to a club that plays disco music. “I remember for years and years and years wondering why is it there are no guys here, all the girls are dancing together no guys”, said Karenlee, the host of Karenlee Poter Show on Youtube. Disco may not be your type of music, and you might hate it, but if you love older women, that’s a perfect place a find them.

Top 2 Food and Wine Festivals
Most cougars love fine wine and fine food. There are a lot of outdoor festivals on, like restaurant weeks and things like that where you could definitely meet older classy women, while it may not be the cheapest thing. There are food and wine festivals on South Beach and Florida every year in February. It would be a great place for you to encounter a cougar while taste some good food and wine.

Top 3 Music Venues
A lot of women like country music and do line dancing things. Any music venue is another good place even if it’s just like a local place that plays their local band. You will find lots of older women dancing there. Asking her to dance with you would be an easy way to win her over. Besides, there’s a saying that dancing is a way of showing you are good in bed. Many women believe that dancing is a prelude or foreshadowing of what your sex would be like.

Top 5 Hotel Bars
Cougars usually like to go to many kinds of bars, like upscale hotel bars. You must think that will cost you a lot to buy them a drink. But just think how much you spent on video games, you would consider another way. Maybe finding a right person to be with is more necessary than that. Piano bars, Karaoke bars and lady’s night bars are also good places for you to meet older women.

Top6 Gym
Gym is definitely a perfect place to meet good-shaped women. Especially in Yoga class. There are like 90% women and 10% percent men and most of the men there are guy, which provides you a fantastic situation. It’ll be very easy for you to pick up a cougar with your obvious advantage. Besides, you might learn something and become more mellow. Just remember do not interrupt someone when they are working out.

These are the top 6 places for you if you are interested in cougar dating and want to pick up one. Just bring out your charm and hide your inconfidence, you’ll find her.